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Grant Research

             The single most critical factor in the grant process is the identification
             of funding sources that champion your mission.

                    Initial Research Program:

    After a thorough interview regarding your organization’s mission, short
    and long- term goals and programs, The Writer’s Block expert grant
    writer will research funding prospects for your agency. Public and fee-
    based local and national databases, such as the Foundation Center,  
    GrantStation and the Federal Register, are mined and only those
    funding sources that align with your agency will be recommended.  A
    grant application is a request for a partner or investor in your
    organization. The highest quality application will not garner funding
    unless it demonstrates positive outcomes from the synergy of the

                  Ongoing Research Program:

    After completion of the Initial Research Program, The Writer’s Block
    offers organizations an ongoing monthly service on a retainer fee.
    New opportunities and alerts are announced on a regular basis and
    research for other clients may lead to new funding prospects for your
    agency. Being on a monthly retainer assures that no funding
    prospects are missed. The Writer’s Block is vigilant in checking the
    Federal Register,, and several websites and databases
    for new and ongoing announcements.

Grant Proposals

            A professionally written and presented grant proposal will distinguish
              you from your competition.

                  Writing Program:

    The Writer’s Block grant proposal services include the planning of the
    grant program design, development of the narrative, budget and all
    components of any application. A timeline will be prepared for each
    application that incorporates timely review of sections of the proposal
    by key organizational personnel and stakeholders. This strategic
    planning produces skillfully written proposals that capture the essence
    of your programs and services. A final draft of all elements of the
    grant proposal submission are completed a minimum of  72 hours in
    advance of deadline thus allowing ample time for a final review by all

           Assembly Program:

    Many funding sources, most assuredly governmental entities, require
    stringent compilation of proposals. Signed documents, addenda,
    exhibits and financial statements must be submitted in a precise order
    and often require a particular binding. Failure to adhere to these
    requirements result in lower scores by evaluators if the proposal is
    not automatically dismissed due to non-compliance. The assembly is
    a crucial, tedious and detail-oriented component of the process.
    Proposals assembled  by The Writer's Block will conform to all stated
    requirements in final format.

Other Services

                   The Writer's Block can fulfill many of your organization's other writing
                       needs such as website content, newsletters, annual reports and a
                       host of other materials. Please contact us for more information
                       regarding those services.