The Writer's Block, LLC is a professional firm that provides grant competition research and
comprehensive grant proposal writing services to non-profit agencies, businesses and
public entities. Personalized research identifies potential funding sources that embrace
your mission and programs.  All proposals are created specifically for your organization;
there is never a template used. The Writer's Block's proposals capture the essence of
your programs, past achievements and future goals in compelling, persuasive and
powerful proposals  which are certain to engage the evaluators.

Grant proposals are developed with a commitment to learning your organization through
research and a short but inclusive interview process with key program stakeholders and
personnel. This approach strengthens proposals and captures your agency’s core
competencies and accomplishments.

There are more than 98,000 foundations and companies whose sole mission is to support
nonprofit organizations  to provide direct services for health and human services, the
environment and animal welfare. The Federal Government allots billions of dollars for
funding to various types of entities. The Writer's Block will help your organization to
receive those private and governmental dollars to sustain your current programs and
develop new ones.

A diversified portfolio of funding is critical during these challenging economic times.
Steadfast champions of your organization or business can no longer be solely relied upon
as their financial resources are diminishing. Let The Writer's Block explore opportunities
for you.
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