Fee Schedule

Initial Research Program:

    The Writer's Block offers a one-time Initial Research Program for $375. The research may be for a single program that your organization offers. Several public
    and private databases and publications are mined to find as many potential
    funding sources for your agency. Only those that are truly mission- matched will
    be reported.

Ongoing Research Program:

    For a monthly fee of $100, The Writer's Block will comb funding alerts and inform you of any announcements which are suited to your mission.

Writing Program:

    A Letter of Intent is often the first impression of your organization to a prospective funder. It's critical that these two to three pages are a comprehensive and
    compelling profile of your program needs, past achievements and future
    successes. A strong Letter of Inquiry results in a request for a full proposal. Fees
    for Letters of Inquiry depend on the format of the letter and subject matter.

    The Writer's Block offers two different pricing structures for grant proposal writing.
    An hourly rate or a per proposal rate is available. Each proposal application will
    be reviewed and an estimated hourly price will be submitted and a flat fee for
    service quoted.

Assembly Program:

    The customary hourly rate will be charged for copy and assembly of all documents required for proposal submission. The assembly is included in those
    grant proposals paid on a per project basis.  
Other Services:

    Please contact The Writer's Block for fees related to other services.
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The American Association of Grant Professionals, as well as the Association of Fundraising
Professionals, clearly state in their Code of Ethics and Code of Ethical Principles and Standards that
"Members shall not accept or pay a finder’s fee, commission, or percentage compensation based on
grants and shall take care to discourage their organizations from making such payments," and
"Members who offer services as proposal writers must not receive compensation calculated on a
percentage of funds sought or raised."

As a member of  AAGP and AFP in good standing,Ms. Weiner will abide by these guidelines and will
prepare proposals solely on a fee for service basis.
The Association of Fundraising Professionals can be found at
American Association of Grant Professionals.
The Association of Fundraising Professionals can be found at
Association of FundraisingProfessionals.